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Welcome to Sonatina Designs!

Welcome to my little corner of the worldwide web where I, Cali, present my designs. I display various creations that features anime, manga and celebrities. This website was designed as a hobby and I share this site with many who have similar interests as me. I hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to contact me or commenting on my tag-board or commenting system. Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Month Ahead

Mar 29, 2014

As the top banner implies, SD is going to take a short break. This is my last semester at school and projects are starting to pile in. I will be graduating soon, so I just can't wait for it. I promise to be back soon, no later than a month.

Hope all of you are doing alright. I'm sorry I couldn't notify everyone about this unexpected break. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it for my school projects. I have to admit I am a terrible procrastinator for my last semester...

Also if you need to reach me. feel free to leave a message on the tag-board below. I'm closing my contact form at the moment, since I've been receiving complaints about it. If not, you can always email me at

P.S. dark hiatus banner = not looking forward to working on all of my final projects...
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