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It Feels Good to be Back

Oct 02, 2014
I'm alive! I apologize for the long overdue update. A lot of new things has been going on in the offline world, and during those 6 months or so, I was trying to push for a new layout for SD. Anyways I'll be brief with the updates because I have too much to say, here we go:

  • I finished university. I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts
  • As soon as I was done with school, I went straight to work. I worked part-time as a designer / programmer during my last year at university, and I managed to get a full-time position after I was done with my studies. It was not an easy transition.
  • I went away on a family vacation with my boyfriend. He surprised me with an engagement ring on the beach. I got engaged on July 7, 2014 (07.07.14). It will always be a memorable date for me.
  • Work is already busy enough, but I also decided to take on side contracts to add in my portfolio (http://calisa.net).

This list has changed my life this past 6 months. I feel absolutely blessed with all the support I have been receiving with my family and friends. This has been quite a pivotal moment.

But enough about me, what about SD updates?

  • Sonatina Designs is now at its 14th version with Mokaffe, a scan I stumbled across while browsing through Minitokyo. Truth is, I designed this layout way back in May, until I realize how overwhelming my offline life became. They are still a few places I need to adjust so bare with me. I hope people like this new version.
  • I have updated some new content, yay! I have added 3 new icons and 1 new design. All additions are from the series Gundam Seed Destiny and they were entries for Karen's Battle Royale Graphic Tournament. I'm currently on the last round. I'm excited to see the results.

With this long hiatus, there is going to be a huge cleanup. I wanted to do it sooner, but I really wanted to come back and update. Hope everyone is well. I'll be contacting you all soon. Thank you for still being my affiliate/link exchange, you guys are too amazing. Love you all~
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